Keep Your AC Running at Peak Performance and Avoid Costly Repairs!

“75% of Breakdowns can be traced back to lack of maintenance and buildup of dirt & debris”

Maximize Efficiency and Life of Your Central Air Conditioner!

Annual Air Conditioning Tune-Up


Affordable Air Conditioning Maintenance

In Central Florida we deal with hot, humid weather conditions almost year round! Your unit must work extra hard, especially during the summer months to maintain your desired temperature and stay comfortable in scorching hot conditions. This is why Tune-Up’s are vital, and can save you a lot of money in the long run! Furthermore it can help avoid costly repairs! We recommend, to have your Air Conditioner maintained at least 1 time every year, preferably before summer.  At Comfort Zone of Central Florida, we have you covered and can set you up on a maintenance plan that fits your needs, and budget. Most noteworthy is, We will even remind you every year before your maintenance is due again!

What are the Benefits to Air Conditioning Tune-Up’s?

First of all, Tune-Ups are the most important service you can have to get most life and value out of your central air conditioning systems. At Comfort Zone, we perform a full 16 point inspection of all your air conditioning components inside and out. We thoroughly cleaning and disinfect your AC coils, as well as any other parts that might need it. This will allow your unit to run at the highest efficiency possible throughout those long summer days, and into the chilly winter! Above all, a poorly maintained unit can cause you lots of headaches with pricey repairs and higher energy bills, and nobody wants that! Have us come and clean your system!


Full System Cleaning and Tune-Up

As a Result, Once you have your Central Air Conditioning Maintenance scheduled with us, one of our certified technicians will arrive at your location and thoroughly check over and fine tune your air conditioner so it runs at peak efficiency. This involves a 12 point inspection and cleaning.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

  1. Verify Proper Temperature Calibration of Thermostat
  2. Check Air Conditioning Filter – Replace if necessary
  3. Inspect Condition of Evaporator Coil + Clean/Disinfect Surface
  4. Take Amp Draw on Air Handler Blower Motor for Proper Amperage
  5. Inspect Drain Pan inside of Air Handler Cabinet/Clean if Necessary
  6. Look over Condition of Air Handler Blower Wheel for Dirt/Debris Buildup
  7. Secure All Electrical Connections at Air Handler, and Condenser
  8. Take measurements of Return and Supply Air Temperature for proper Temperature Difference
  9. Check System in Heat Mode and Inspect Condition of Electric Heat Strips and Safety Components
  10. Look over Air Conditioner for signs of Air Leakage, Mildew/Mold, Insulation wear and tear
  11. Analyze Outside Condenser for proper insulation/hurricane straps/Power Disconnect/Dryer Vent
  12. Thorough Cleaning of Condenser Coil outside and removal of Debris around Condenser + Coil if necessary
  13. Ensure Proper Refrigerant Pressures, including Superheat and Subcool (Methods of Ensuring proper charge)
  14. Test Amp Draw on Compressor, and Condenser Fan Motor for Proper Amperage
  15. Review all Electrical Parts and Safeties (Defrost Control Board, High/Low Pressure Switches, etc)
  16. Clean/Clear Condensate Drain Line

Maintenance Plan

Finally, you are interested in having your Air Conditioning Maintenance? Great! What Now? First off , The process is extremely simple to schedule your tune-up! Simply pick from the two choices we offer!

Maintenance Contracts Available

  1.  Two Annual System Tune-Ups
  2. Free Service Call for Repair (Can Be used as Second maintenance)
  3. 10% Discount on all Parts
  4. Preferred Customer Status on Repairs (Top Priority when calling for Service)

Annual Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance System Tune-Up ($89.95)

Consequently, if you are not interested in signing up for our Maintenance Contract we also offer one time visits!

Rather Just Give us a Call at (321)-895-5702 and schedule your maintenance with us today! (one time charge of $89.95).


Comfort Zone of Central Florida