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“A reasonable target for a duct retrofit would reduce air leakage by 2/3 over original duct work.”

Duct Work Inspections

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Fantastic Brochure by The U.S Department of Energy: https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy05osti/30506.pdf

What Is Duct Work?

Duct Work is insulated material used to distribute Air Flow to a specific area in your home or office from your Air Conditioner. Often times the duct work is either in the Attic above your head or may even be below you in crawl spaces, especially if you live in a Manufactured Home. Duct Work is vital to ensuring that you receive the proper air flow both to and from your air conditioner. Issues in your Duct Work can wreak havoc on your central air conditioners efficiency to adequately cool the space that is intended!

Do you have Hot or Cold Spots in your Home?

If your home or office is suffering from areas that are too hot or too cold, you could have a duct work issue that needs to be addressed. Often times duct work issues can go unaddressed for years, due to the improper sizing on initial design of the building. It’s a problem that most clients tend to “Live with.” But the good news is, we can help! Leaks in duct work, improper return air or poor insulation can all lead to issues in hot spots and cold spots in your home. It can also lead to dramatic decreases in energy efficiency as well as increased electricity bills! 

Call us for a FREE Inspection!

At Comfort Zone of Central Florida we offer FREE inspections to find leaks, improper sizing, lack of return air or any other issues that may be present. You do not have to live with hot and cold spots in your home or business much longer give us a call today for a free inspection!


<h1 style=”text-align: center;”>Air Quality</h1>

We are fully qualified in providing Air Quality improvements to your home or business. Whether that is HEPA Air Conditioning Filters for your unit, or Microbial Zapping Ultra-Violet Lights for your Air Conditioner and Duct Work, we provide it all. Give us a Call (321)-895-5702!